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1/27/2020 | 2 MINUTE READ

Injection Molders: Do You Have Your Sustainability Story Straight?

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In the coming years, injection molders will be asked to help improve the sustainability of the products and components they help create—will you be ready to answer the call?

Every day, I receive a email from Google culling top headlines for a given search term on the Internet. For the last couple years, the assembled stories associated with the word “plastics” echo a familiar theme. Here’s a sampling from today (Jan. 26):

  • China Calls for a Complete Ban on Single-Use Plastics
  • Battle Over Banning Single-Use Plastics Taking Shape in Colorado Legislature
  • New Report Suggests Phasing Out ‘Problematic Plastics’ to Tackle Recycling Crisis

Not included, reports on similar bans or “phasing outs” from a continent (Australia) and a Hawaiian grade school (Kalihi Elementary in Honolulu), which show the depth and breadth of the current global moment plastics is experiencing.

Mixed into stories like the above, however, are typically a handful of ones like this (also from Jan. 26):

  • Unilever-Owned Dove Aims for 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles by 2025

The application of plastics is undoubtedly going to change in the coming years, but its wholesale replacement or elimination is both unrealistic and unnecessary. While some uses may be phased out many more will continue but in a more sustainable manner, applying recycled materials, bio-based resins or both. Injection molders in all markets will be tasked with fulfilling their customers’ and their customers’ customers requests to help achieve a sustainable use of plastic.

The Molding 2020 Conference (March 17-19; Lombard, Ill.) is here to help. During the opening morning of the event, in the combined general session, as well as some presentations that afternoon, will address the sustainability push in plastics, with a laser focus on injection, with “Green Molding Is Here.”

That morning session will feature the following presentations, touching on everything from running biobased plastics and fillers to processing recycled and compostable materials; speakers range from consultants and molders to suppliers of machines, hot runners, auxiliaries and more.  

Sustainability or Profitability? You Can Have Both!
Speaker: Rick Shaffer, InterTech Rx

Injection Molding With Biobased Resins & Fillers
Speaker: Jeremy Dworshak, Steinwall Inc.

Processing Zeroplast Plastic-Free Biomaterials on Plastics Machinery—Why Not?
Speaker: Brent Strawbridge, Wittmann Battenfeld

Low-Pressure Molding Process Enables Use of Recycled Materials & Mixed Polymer Blends
Speaker: Gene Altonen, iMFLUX

Coinjection Solutions for a Circular Economy: Encapsulation of PCR Content & Compostable Barrier Packaging
Speaker: Leo Devellian, Mold-Masters Limited

New Technology for Molding Waste Plastics
Speaker: Wayne Conrad, Omachron

Critical Bio-Resin Processing Insights for Packaging
Speaker: Neil Dewar, Mold-Masters

PLA Molding and Development of Sustainable Molding Technologies
Speakers: Joe Kendzulak and Mac Otsuka, Nissei America

A Sustainable and Economical Way to Color Plastics
Speaker: Paul Maguire, Riverdale Global

If you haven’t already been asked to help “green up” a product, you no doubt will. Join us in Chicago this March at Molding 2020 and learn from a technology perspective how you can help your customers set their products on a more sustainable path.

Molding 2020


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