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Injection Molders: Time to Show Off Your Most Innovative Parts

There are some things you can always count on seeing in the lobby of an injection molder.


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A stack of trade magazines on a coffee table (hopefully with Plastics Technology on top); relevant certifications framed and hanging from the wall; and parts in glass cases, simultaneously on display and locked away like a family’s fine china.

I learned a long time ago that every one of those parts has a story, and over the years, some of my best articles started with the simple question of, “What’s that?”. More than a brochure or a website, the parts are a true calling card for the molder—a tangible representation of the company’s technical chops and ultimately a means to win business. Go to a trade show where molders are prevalent and you can count on those same parts being on display at the booth as a means to lure in potential business.

Not every part that comes through a molder makes it in the cabinet, and not all projects test the technical acumen of the molder (as well as its vendors, from the moldmaker and machine supplier to the automation integrator and material manufacturer). But for those that do, Plastics Technology has a bigger stage than the display case in your lobby to exhibit those parts.

For the first time, Plastics Technology’s all-things-injection-molding conference will feature a parts competition. The Hot Shots 2018 Injection Molded Parts Competition is now accepting nominations for entries that display technical sophistication (use of new technology in materials, molding, tooling etc.) as well as achievements in efficiency/economics (part consolidation, thinwalling, reject reduction, cycle time improvement etc.).

Accepted entrants will be highlighted in our magazine, on our website, and across our social media before, during, and after Molding 2018 (Feb. 27-March 1; Long Beach, Calif.) with the winner—chosen via People’s Choice voting at the event—being the focus of a standalone article in the magazine following the conference.

Do you want to tell the story behind the most challenging parts in your display case? Go online now, and fill out the entry form. We will be accepting nominations through Friday, Jan. 26.