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Innovative Program Targets Entrepreneurs

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Molder's program billed as a 'low-cost, on-shore solution (for entrepreneur) to get their projects off the ground.'

Late last year the Rodon Group, a custom injection molder in Hatfield, Pa., announced a new program for American entrepreneurs looking to use plastic injection molding for their inventions.
Rodon calls it The American Entrepreneur Program. They promote it as unique to the molding industry, and say it offers entrepreneurs an ideal low-cost, on-shore solution to get their projects off the ground.
“We are excited to be able to offer this service to entrepreneurs looking to get a solid head start on their idea or invention, while keeping the production in the U.S. and at a low cost,” said Kevin McGrath, Rodon’s v.p. of sales and marketing. “Rodon’s expertise, capabilities, and in-house resources make us an ideal partner.”
The cost of the program is $4999 for the first 50 people that sign up, a savings of 50% off the regular price. This includes design time, prints, 3D prototype parts, and more. You can learn more at rodongroup.com/entrepreneurs.