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Instron Celebrates 70th Anniversary


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Starting with a material testing prototype in an MIT lab, Instron has made its mark with innovations in testing instruments for evaluating mechanical properties of plastics and components.


March 15, 2016 will mark the 70-yr anniversary of Instron, Norwood, Mass., a manufacturer of testing instruments that evaluate mechanical properties of materials and components. The company believes the milestone is a testament to the its products, support and service.


Seven decades on it continues to serve the market with new technologies. These include its latest generation of HDT testers, featuring touch-screen operation, faster testing, as well as enhanced safety and energy conservation; and, its new series of automatic tensile and flexural modulus testers with both a smaller footprint and lower cost.


Instron’s history began in 1946 with Harold Hindman and George Burr, who were working together at MIT to investigate suitable substitutes for silk that could be used in the manufacture of parachutes. Once they discovered that there was no testing machine available accurate enough to meet their requirements, the partners designed a materials testing instrument. The swift success of the prototype led to the formation of Instron Corp.


The company has been at the forefront of the industry, earning recognition as one of the first companies to use video strain measurement and as the first in its industry to offer automatic transducers and reverse stress loading, among many other accomplishments.


In October 2005, Instron was acquired by ITW as the first company in its Test and Measurement platform. “ITW arrived at a crucial time in Instron’s 70-year history. As we made the transition from a largely family-owned business. ITW’s philosophy guided us to maintain the high standards envisioned by the original owners and at the same time taught us to run a more responsive organization to best serve our customers. I see our management’s role as custodians to our innovative culture,” stated Yahya Charagozlou, group president for ITW Test and Measurement.


Throughout the 70 years, Instron has opened offices across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. With an expansive network of nearly 1700 employees globally, Instron employees collectively speak more than 40 languages—enhancing the company’s communication capabilities with global customers.



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