Bozzelli Offers At-the-Press Injection Molding Training

Originally titled 'John Bozzelli Offers At-the-Press Injection Molding Training at Molding 2017'

Scientific molding guru John Bozzelli walked a sold-out class through the basics of scientific injection molding at Molding 2017.


One day before the conference kicked off, Scientific Molding expert, and PT columnist, John Bozzelli held a special sold-out training event at the Polymers Center of Excellence in Charlotte. Using a mold and material supplied by John McDonnell and Nexeo Solutions. Assisting Bozzelli at the press was the Polymers Center’s Amanda Hurd.

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Always challenging his students, Bozzelli offered praise (tossing candy underhand for correct answers) and used data to debunk some molding misconceptions. By the second half of the class, and after a tour of the center, Bozzelli’s tie came off as he pressed the class through the lesson.