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K 2019 Video: Innovations in Recycling Machinery and Materials

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From the K 2019 show floor, hear from Bengt Rimark of Rapid Granulator and Bob Maughan of SABIC as they talk about new recycling technology and developments.

K 2019 is the place to go for new technology and innovation. Many different companies all across the supply chain discussed advances in recycling at the show, which is very exciting for my beat! 

In part two of my recycling video series, Bengt Rimark of Rapid Granulator discusses how the company’s new machine gives molders more flexibility in slow-speed modes. He also highlights a range of other new granulators that were showcased at K 2019.

Bob Maughan of SABIC highlights the company’s range of advanced packaging material and technology solutions at K 2019 to help manufacturers create sustainable packaging options for increased performance and reduced waste. 

Click here for part one of the recycling series. And stay tuned for part three! 


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