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7/13/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Kuraray Celebrates 90th Birthday

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Planting trees and a trip to the ballpark just part of the celebration.


I love the company I work for, and nope, no one is twisting my arm. Look, you hear people say they like their jobs but it typically stops short of “I love my company”. For me, I do, and I feel so very fortunate.


What prompted this expression of affection? It was a press release on Kuraray’s 90th anniversary and the accompanying photos. It reminded me of all the Gardner Business Media people I have had the pleasure of meeting through the years and the fact that our company makes sure to bring us together—particularly important to those of us who work remotely.


The fun activities that our company plans for us, the terrific meals, and the company of so many terrific people makes me miss Cincinnati when I leave, or even the big shows, like NPE, when GBM makes certain that we mingle and enjoy each other by planning company dinners each night.


So, here is Kuraray commemorating its 90 years of business in specialty chemicals by doing two pretty cool things: a tree planting at every one of its production sites; and treating its employees to a fun outing at a Houston Astros game.


A leading global supplier in performance-based polymer and synthetic chemistry technologies, including resins, chemicals, fibers and textiles, Kuraray was the world’s first entity to bring EVOH polymers to market.


Today it operates 19 subsidiaries globally, including Kuraray America, which is headquartered in Houston. The U.S. division is leader in barrier materials with products like Eval EVOH and Plantic, a bio-based polymer with barrier properties. Happy Birthday Kuraray!


For more on Kuraray’s Eval and Plantic materials, see PT’s materials database.




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