6/28/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Learn About Operating PET Bottle Machines

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Practical, hands-on training for machine operators and technicians about running stretch-blow machines.


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Something crossed my desk that I hadn’t seen before: an announcement of a practical, hands-on course designed to teach machine operators and technicians about processing and troubleshooting techniques in two-stage PET stretch-blow molding. The training is described as being “machine agnostic.” Given the increasing popularity of PET that I have seen among bottle makers, a practically oriented course aimed at the shop-floor level could be what many companies are looking for.

Blow Mold Operator Training is a two-day course from PET bottle specialist Processing Technologies, Inc. (PTI). Designed for all skill levels, its goal is for attendees “to gain an understanding of the preform-to-bottle and machine relationships that affect the quality of bottles.” Areas of focus are machine operation, settings and process parameters for controlling and maintaining a stable process. Causes of defects will also be covered.

Specific topics include PET properties that affect blow molding; introduction to drying and preform injection molding; and two-stage blow molding. Training can be customized with optional training on preferential heating, heat-setting, etc., according to the specific equipment in your plant.

The class includes roughly 12-12 hr of classroom instruction, followed by practical lessons at a blow molding machine.

The next scheduled class is Aug. 20-21 at PTI in Holland, Ohio. Classes can also be scheduled at customer locations.

By the way, PTI also offers Injection Mold Operator Training, a two-day course focused on injection molding PET preforms.

Contact: 419-867-5400; email training@pti-usa.com.

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