VIDEO: Liquidmetal and Plastics Molding

Beyond a process curiosity, Liquidmetal's technology could provide plastics molders a path to metal parts production.


At last month’s Molding 2017 conference in Charlotte, apart from the tooling tracks, the material of the hour was obviously plastics. But over a lunch presentation on the first day of the conference, Liquidmetal Technologies’ Paul Hauck introduced the plastics crowd to the amorphous metals molded on specialized Engel presses using the California company’s proprietary technology, as well as to the broader metal injection molding landscape.

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After the presentation, Hauck took some time to discuss where the technology is today, where it’s headed and why it might make sense for a plastics molder to start thinking about molding metals. (You can read more of Plastics Technology's coverage of Liquidmetal here, here and here.)