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Measure Pellet Moisture Online: A Second System Debuts at Fakuma

Moretto will show a system to measure pellet moisture minute-by-minute and automatically adjust the dryer, if necessary.


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NPE 2012 saw the introduction of the first device for measuring the moisture content of resin pellets online and in real time. This device, the MoistureMaster has since been implemented for quality assurance in several medical molding facilities, according to the supplier, Novatec Inc., Baltimore.


In October, the second system of this sort will debut at the Fakuma 2015 show in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Moretto S.p.A. of Massanzago, Italy (U.S. office in Columbus, Ohio), will show off the latest version of its Eureka system for high-volume PET drying. Called Eureka Plus, it now has been supplemented by the Moisture Meter, a unit that is mounted under the drying hopper (photo) and reportedly measures the residual moisture in the dried pellets. Not only does it provide a minute-by-minute quality-control check on the actual resin moisture, but it also communicates with the dryer to adjust the process, if necessary. Moretto emphasizes that this can prevent overdrying and avoid wasting energy.


Expect more details after the show.