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Meet the Author, Live the Article at Molding 2019

Attendees of Molding 2019 have the chance to sit in on presentations by some of Plastics Technology’s leading injection molding columnists and then pick their collective brain as a group during a special panel discussion.


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One goal of Plastics Technology’s live events—Molding, Extrusion, Amerimold—is to create an agenda that reflects live-and-in-person the magazine’s primary goal: helping processors improve their operations.  

At Molding 2019 (March 19-21; Indianapolis, Ind.), the opening general session—Best Practices: Molding for Consistent Quality & Optimum Productivity—features multiple regular contributors to Plastics Technology and it sister publications presenting on topics ranging from troubleshooting melt delivery and applying Design of Experiments to molding, to effective training methods and thinking of injection molding as a connected process.

After he conference kicks off with a keynote by Conair’s Alan Landers—Data Gathering and Analysis: The Key to Tomorrow’s ‘Smart’ Molding Plant—a trio of well-known molding voices will speak to:

Troubleshooting: Melt Delivery Systems Required for Scientific Molding

In that presentation, Rich Oles (Alba Enterprises), John Bozzelli (Injection Molding Solutions), and Bill Hartwick (Filter Specialties Company) will break down each portion of the melt-delivery system, and how it can contribute to a robust process. Rich Oles is the author of multiple articles for PT sister publication, MoldMaking Technology, including this feature addressing the need to understand heating systems along the melt delivery path.

John Bozzelli, in addition to being a well-respected and established consultant and educator in the industry, is the author of PT’s regular injection molding Know How column. See his past contributions here, including this article on how to specify an injection molding machine, with input from the third speaker of the group, Bill Hartwick.

Up next, Suhas Kulkarni, founder of injection molding consultancy and training operation, FimmTech, who in addition to authoring articles for PT on optimizing pack and hold time for hot runner and valve-gated molds and improving molding process capability, lead a workshop on design of experiments in injection molding at Molding 2018. Suhas will present: Reducing Inspection Based on Data-Driven Results from DOE.

Robert Gattshall, the next speaker in the morning session, who is currently the process engineering manager at IPL Inc., brings a molder’s perspective to the proceedings. Robert has written numerous articles for PT, touching on everything from what is injection molding’s most important parameter and whether or not machine controllers should be standardized to when scientific molding goes wrong. At Molding 2019, Robert will present: Connected Process—The Butterfly Effect of Process Changes.

Rounding out the morning will be Todd Bryant of Paulson Plastics Academy and Don Paulson, founder, along with his son Craig, of Paulson Training Programs. Started in 1977, the company estimates that it has trained 50,000 people at more than 10,000 companies. They will offer A Case History of Effective Training and the Future of Molding.

Once completed, all the morning’s speakers will join in a panel discussion prior to lunch, fielding questions from the attendees. If you’ve read (and learned from) some of the articles from the session’s presenters, don’t miss the chance to hear them speak in person and pick their brain afterwards.

Check out a snapshot of the complete Molding 2019 Agenda to learn more.