Milan Plast Was Good With Plans To Be Even Better

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Big international turnout at the triennial international fair for the plastics and rubber industry, Milan Plast: check out the Plastics Technology slideshow.


Last week’s Milan Plast 2015  the triennial international fair for the plastics and rubber industry, featured 1558 exhibitors (+3% compared to 2012), entirely occupying the six biggest halls of Fiera Milano fairgrounds. There were over 50,000 visitors, with more than 35% from outside of Italy. To ensure even bigger turnout in the future, Giorgio Colombo, president of Assocomoplast announced that the next Plast will take place Sept. 26-30, 2017. As such, this trade show will be taking place in both non-NPE and non-K Show years. Take a look at our slideshow of this year’s event.


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