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Molders With One Eye on the Technology Horizon Should Head to Molding 2018

When we survey our readers about the average age of their injection molding machine fleet, the most common response is in the teens.


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A press from the early aughts or late 90s is by no stretch outdated, particularly in its machine functions, but in other areas—think controller, connectivity, data collection—it is certainly a step or two behind.

At our manual Molding Conference and Exhibition (Feb. 27-March 1; Hilton Long Beach; Long Beach, Calif.), the primary emphasis is getting the most out of the machines on your shop floor today, regardless of the vintage, but we also traditionally look at where the next generation of presses is headed in our Emerging Technologies track. This year is no different and molders who need (or want to know about) the latest and greatest will not be disappointed.

Kicking off the morning of Feb. 27, our keynote address has Adam Moran of Vorne Industries. For the metrics oriented, Moran will walk through Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and how molders can use data (increasingly collected by the truckload on new machines) to improve efficiency.

Following Moran, Molding 2018 kicks off the conference with all things cutting edge. End-to-end process management, low-pressure molding tech, direct coloring, predictive maintenance, materials processing parameters in an app, self-correcting molding systems and more will be discussed in depth.

Pellet to Gate Control: The Value of a Holistic View of Melt Management
     Bruce Catoen, chief technology officer, Milacron

New Low-Pressure Injection Molding Tech that Cuts Weight & Cycle Time, Improves Quality
     Gene Altonen, chief technology officer, iMFLUX

Direct Coloring for Injection Molding
     Paul Maguire, president and CEO, Riverdale Global

Machine Monitoring and Analytics Retrofits—Making Plants More Efficient with Connected Sensor Technology
     Jim Zinski, president and chief operating officer, Prophecy Sensorylytics

Instant Access to Processing Information for Over 20,000 Resins
     Doug Kenik, Mobile Specs

Intelligent Software for Self-Regulating Molding Systems With Examples from Real Production Sites
     Joachim Kragl, director advance injection molding systems & processing controls, Engel

Check out the full Molding 2018 Agenda and register now to save.



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