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2/27/2020 | 3 MINUTE READ

Molding 2020 Puts Process Improvement On the Agenda

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Molding 2020 has multiple presentations—and an entire track—devoted to pushing your plant’s productivity to the limit. Join us in Chicago to take back some instant boosts for your shop’s output.


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Every presentation at Molding 2020 will give you some action items you can implement at your plant when you return from two-and-a-half-days of learning in Chicago (March 17-19; Westin Chicago, Lombard, Ill.). Many of these will come in discussion of new technologies—either a wholly new gizmo or an improvement of an existing gadget that you didn’t know about.

Other presentations will wring greater productivity from the process itself, giving attendees new ways to tackle their daily tasks. On that front, we’ve assembled seven presentations into the afternoon of the first day (Tuesday, March 17). After filling your stomach and rolodex at our networking lunch, fill your molding mind with these productivity propelling presentations.

Talk: How to Avoid Preventive Maintenance Failures

Presenters: Rich Oles, Alba Enterprises; Bill Hartwick, Filter Specialties

Quotable: “Join in for the review of a pictorial history showing maintenance failures that don’t always get the chance to be seen before they actually happen.”

Takeaway: Maintenance is the great equalizer for machines and technology—are you doing enough?

Talk: Eliminate Stringing & Other Headaches from Injection Nozzle Tips

Presenter: Jim Fattori, Injection Mold Consulting

Quotable: A molding machine's nozzle tip is often the weakest link in the melt delivery system. It can affect the rheology of the material, the width of the processing window, the quality of the parts, the maintenance costs of the mold, and even the power requirements of the machine.

Takeaway: Learn proper selection and use of nozzle tips.

Talk: How Second-Stage Injection Speed Influences Your Process

Presenter: Shane Vandekerkhof, RJG

Quotable: As an injection molder, you’re familiar with first-stage fill-speed profiles and second-stage pressure settings, but have you considered the function of second-stage speed, or “hold flow”?

Takeaway: Today’s machines often have a “hold speed” or “hold velocity” function—what is it supposed to do and what does it actually do?

Talk: The Cosmetic Process Window: Key to Robust Processes, Zero Defects, Reduced Inspection & No Process Tweaking

Presenter: Suhas Kulkarni, FimmTech

Quotable: Every molding company strives to achieve zero defects with the least amount of inspection to improve the overall efficiency and profitability. To achieve this, technicians are constantly adjusting processes and tweaking them which is an indication of a process that is not robust.

Takeaway: What is a cosmetic process window; what parameters determine it.

Talk: Dry-Ice Cleaning: Who Needs It?

Presenter: Steve Wilson, Cold Jet

Quotable: If the polymers you mold off-gas and foul your cavities and vents; if some of your molded parts need to be deflashed; or you need to clean your molded parts prior to painting – you do these things. Dry ice is a proven way to help molders be more competitive.

Takeaway: Top five reason molders are turning to dry ice supported by independent studies and industry examples.

Talk: Optimize the Drying Process & Control Resin Performance Using Your Valuable Data

Presenter: Mark Haynie, Novatec

Quotable: Using data from the drying process to automatically control the drying system, and ensure the resin adheres to the properties it was designed to provide.

Takeaway: Data can optimize processes and help define parameters in drying.

Talk: Evaluating & Improving Performance of Central Vacuum Systems

Presenter: Chuck Thiele, vactec

Quotable: Learn how to evaluate a vacuum system, including how air flow, velocity and vacuum affect operation; learn how to adjust and modify velocity and vacuum to improve conveying capacity, reduce energy and lower investment and operating costs; and gather information on vacuum blower selection and sizing.

Takeaway: Look at options to evaluate and improve performance of central conveying systems.

Read more about Molding 2020, the place to go and learn; with a sold out exhibition area and a new parts competition.

Molding 2020

Molding 2020 takes place March 17-19 at the Westin Chicago in Lombard, Ill. 


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