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Most Popular Articles of 2019

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Resin prices, K 2019 preview, thermally conductive plastics, moldmaking in Mexico and practical how-to knowledge on static, barrel temperatures, mold venting, decompression and molded-in stress garnered the most reader attention in 2019.

These stories generated the most traffic at Plastics Technology’s website in 2019, reflecting the diversity of interests of our readers and the consistent search for market and process knowledge. From keeping tabs on the movement of resin prices and prepping for plastics biggest show to understanding decompression and the effect barrel temperatures have on melt temperature in extrusion, a wide range of articles piqued the interest of PT’s site visitors over the last year.

  1. Volume Resin Prices Enter 2019 on Downward Path
  2. Commodity Resin Prices Bottom Out
  3. Understanding—and Using—Decompression to Your Advantage
  4. K 2019 Preview: Injection Molding Goes for the ‘Green’
  5. A Bright Future for Thermally Conductive Plastics
  6. What’s With All the Static?
  7. Why Barrel Temperatures Have a Small Effect on Melt Temperature
  8. How to Deal With Residual Stress in Molded Parts
  9. Part 1: Back to Basics on Mold Venting
  10. Moldmaking in Mexico: A New Frontier


2019 Top Stories Plastics Technology

In 2019, the most popular stories at Plastics Technology’s web site ran the gamut in terms of topics and technology.