Need Help with a Molding Project to Counter the Coronavirus?

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Expert help at a steep discount, and the fee goes to a COVID-19 related charity.

John Bozzelli, veteran injection molding consultant, trainer, and all-around molding guru—not to mention, a frequent contributor to Plastics Technology’s Injection Know-How column—has made a generous offer to others like him who want to help beat this pandemic any way they can. This is what John writes:

John Bozzelli, principal of Injection Molding Solutions/Scientific Molding


“Let it be known that I am available for consultation to troubleshoot, speed production, or provide machine time for any injection molded part that is directly involved with combating the coronavirus. The fee will be 30% of my normal rate, and it can be donated directly to any charity that responds to those suffering from the virus. No NDAs. Contact by email only: John@ScientificMolding.com. If the project involves more issues than I can handle, I will see if I can get others to help.”

And don’t miss John’s upcoming May column on how to sanitize your machine control panels. It’s too important to hold for another month, so you can read it now here.