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Need Help with a Molding Project to Counter the Coronavirus?

Expert help at a steep discount, and the fee goes to a COVID-19 related charity.


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John Bozzelli, veteran injection molding consultant, trainer, and all-around molding guru—not to mention, a frequent contributor to Plastics Technology’s Injection Know-How column—has made a generous offer to others like him who want to help beat this pandemic any way they can. This is what John writes:

John Bozzelli, principal of Injection Molding Solutions/Scientific Molding

“Let it be known that I am available for consultation to troubleshoot, speed production, or provide machine time for any injection molded part that is directly involved with combating the coronavirus. The fee will be 30% of my normal rate, and it can be donated directly to any charity that responds to those suffering from the virus. No NDAs. Contact by email only: If the project involves more issues than I can handle, I will see if I can get others to help.”

Manufacturing response to COVID-19 pandemic.

And don’t miss John’s upcoming May column on how to sanitize your machine control panels. It’s too important to hold for another month, so you can read it now here.