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New Process Eliminates Resin Variations as a Quality Variable

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At Molding 2019, learn about the latest enhancements to the iMFLUX low-pressure injection molding process, including Auto Viscosity Adjust to compensate for resin variations.

Do your technicians have to scramble to steer a molding process back on course after it was thrown off-track by raw-material variations? If so, you’ll want to hear how to overcome such problems automatically at the Tuesday afternoon session on Medical, Packaging & Precision Molding at the Molding 2019 Conference, March 19-21, in Indianapolis.

You’ll hear Gene Altonen of iMFLUX, the new Procter & Gamble subsidiary, present the latest enhancements to the iMFLUX constant-low-pressure molding process, which initial users are reportedly finding to have remarkable advantages in molding parts faster with lower energy consumption and reduced warpage and molded-in stress.

A particular focus of Altonen’s update on iMFLUX is the new Auto Viscosity Adjust function, which automatically compensates for material variability. It can be especially valuable to molders running recycled materials, varying percentages of regrind, or cheaper wide-spec materials.

Learn more about iMFLUX here and about Auto Viscosity Adjust here.

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