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November 2019’s Top Articles

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GM and Greenpeace; recyclable pouches; tension-indicating mold mount bolts; preventing nozzle tip leaks; spinning cube mold; PE’s fundamentals; and more—what stories drew the most reader interest in November?

Visitors to Plastics Technology in November clicked on a wide variety of articles including blogs, features and columns touching on tips, new technologies, material fundamentals and more. Check out what items published last month garnered the greatest reader interest.

  1. GM Exits PLASTICS, Greenpeace Lauds Move
  2. Recyclable All-PE Pouches: Sustainable Opportunity for Film Extruders
  3. Tension-Indicating ‘Smart’ Bolts Make Mold Mounting Safer, More Efficient
  4. Part 2: How to Prevent Nozzle Tip Leaks
  5. Tooling: ‘Reverse Cube’ Puts New Spin On Two-Component Molding
  6. Part 3: Fundamentals of Polyethylene
  7. Industrial Blow Molder Goes Solar
  8. Try This Approach to Clean Up Your Recycled Material
  9. Molding Better Molders, One Class at a Time
  10. Checking and Controlling Nozzle Body Temperature


November 2019 top stories

The top 10 most-clicked stories published to Plastics Technology in November 2019.