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One Last Look at 2020

Before you turn over a new leaf to 2021, take a full accounting of 2020 with Plastics Technology’s Top Shops survey.


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Just as the rings of a long-standing tree tell a forest’s story through the years, whether they brought drought and fire or abundance and growth, an accounting of 2020, hardships and all, can inform a company’s knowledge of good and bad years to come.

There might be a temptation to turn the page on 2020 and not look back. An unprecedented pandemic muddies any attempts to glean meaning from business results. Business, however, went on, and understanding how your company responded in a time of crisis, if, hopefully, 2021 brings a return to normalcy, is just as important as benchmarking in a banner year.

We have three weeks left in data collection for Plastics Technology’s 2020 Top Shops Benchmarking Survey. You still have time to take this free, anonymous survey. Completing the survey will give you insights into how your business weathered a truly unprecedented stress test. It will also net your business a customized report to see how your performance in a pandemic year compared to your peers’ journeys in 2020.

No doubt that 2020 left a mark; better understand that mark by taking the Plastics Technology Tops Shops survey today.

Before you turn over a new leaf, take a look back at 2020 with the Top Shops Benchmarking Survey.