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One Place to Hang Out at K

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If You Thirst for More Than Technology


I gather it’s something of a K Show tradition: Near the end of a hard day at the world’s biggest plastics trade fair, those in the know (and maybe a journalist with an interview appointment) repair to a quiet upstairs lounge at the booth of Gammaflux, the venerable hot-runner controls source (since 1966), based in Sterling, Va.


One of the worst-kept secrets of the show—that upstairs retreat is stocked with 50 (yes, 50) different single-malt Scotch whiskeys. The atmosphere is casual and welcoming. Of course, hospitality is not just its own reward. Amid the relaxed camaraderie, and a bit of liquid lubrication, the talk may turn to the events of the day: “I just got an order for 10 machines—maybe they need hot-runner controls, too?”




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