Plastics: Lead the Conversation, Change the Conversation

Perhaps more than any time in its history, plastics as a material is under greater scrutiny than ever before. How will the industry that uses it as its primary raw material respond?


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We’ve all found ourselves in these conversations. Friends, family, coworkers with well-meaning but often misguided and misinformed opinions or questions about plastics that have pushed us, and our industry, into a corner.

These conversations have mostly been prompted by the very real problem of plastics being mishandled at their end of life and ending up in the greater environment. At that point, the materials’ resistance to the elements serves against its best interests, allowing it to survive and accumulate in places it would have never been but for mishandling by people. The same properties that protect food or medicine, literally saving lives, now allow the materials, if improperly handled, to linger and amass in nature.


The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) has created a tool to help guide those conversations, eventually letting you lead and change them with facts and science instead of fear and misinformation. You can learn more about that campaign in our article; check it out today and meet misinformation with truths the next time you discuss plastics.