Plastics Technology’s Most Popular Blogs of 2015

An analysis of the stretch-film market, the prospect of plastic roads, stolen machines and the mystery of melt temperature—those were just some of the topics covered in the most popular blog posts of 2015.


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In 2015, an eclectic mix of blog posts piqued the interest of Plastics Technology’s readers. Not surprisingly the year’s biggest show, NPE, was prominent among the posts, registering three of the top 10, including items on machines boosted en route to Orlando, NPE2015’s Startup Garage and a rundown of the show’s biggest display—the Milacron booth.


Just as its popularity grows in the marketplace, 3D printing’s prominence on our site has increased, with two of the top 10 posts touching on the burgeoning technology, including a look at big-area additive manufacturing and a carbon fiber 3D printer.


The most popular blog of the year was a detailed break down of the PE stretch film market, part of a longer series of posts on the different market segments for PE films by Plastics Technology’s Executive Editor Jim Callari.


Check them all out below:


  1. PE Film Market Analysis: Stretch Film
  2. Sounds Weird, But...Plastic Roads May Actually 'Surface'
  3. ‘China Is No Longer Cheap’

  4. The Next 'Big' Thing in 3D Printing
  5. Truckload of Machinery Stolen on Way to NPE
  6. Polymer Technology Innovations To Star At 'NPE2015 Startup Garage'
  7. Solving the Mystery of Melt Temperature

  8. Will BASF's Nylon 66 Force Majeure Impact the Domestic Market?
  9. At NPE: Coinjection, LSR/TP Overmolding, PET Preforms & New Two-Platen Presses
  10. First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Is Here With Another On Its Heels
  11. Nine “Shots” Plus One Machine Equals a Very Unique LSR Molding Technology