Plastics Technology’s Most Popular Videos of 2017

Plastics Technology’s editorial team dove head first into the creation of original videos in 2017—here are the 10 most popular for the year.


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Plastics Technology’s YouTube Channel generated more than 14,000 views of its videos in 2017, with viewers clocking in a total watch time of 16,325 minutes. Here are the 10 most popular videos we published in 2017. (If you subscribe here, you can be updated when we create a new video).  

No. 1—Universal Robots Debuts a “7th Axis” Cobot

No. 2—Paul Hauck of Liquidmetal Technologies discusses his company’s tech at Molding 2017.

No. 3—Report from Engel’s annual technology symposium in Corona, Calif.

No. 4—Plastics Technology’s Executive Editor Matt Naitove shares highlights from Extrusion 2016.

No. 5—Plastics Technology’s Editorial Director Jim Callari highlights at microbore tubing line running at Plastec West 2017. 

No. 6—Highlights from John Bozzelli’s pre-Molding 2017 Scientific Molding Workshop.

No. 7—Plastics Technology’s Heather Caliendo reports on industry’s efforts to reclaim plastics from beaches. 

No. 8—Speakers from the annual Extrusion Conference break down the art and science of today’s extrusion process. 

No. 9—At Amerimold 2017, Dave Preusse breaks down Industry 4.0.

No. 10—A report from RocTool’s post-Molding 2017 open house.