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1/3/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Plastics Technology’s Top 10 Most-Viewed Blogs of 2018

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Nylon 66 supply issues, 3D printing, injection fill time tips, NPE2018 news and more—here are the 10 most-viewed blogs at PTOnline.com in 2018.

Plastics Technology Senior Editor Lilli Sherman’s posts on potential supply issues for Nylon 66 drew keen interest from readers of PT’s blog and Weekly blog newsletter in 2018 (the issue also warranted a cover story for PT’s December 2018 issue).

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing also figured prominently on reader screens in 2018, with blog posts from Senior Editor Heather Caliendo covering recycled plastic as a filament feedstock, carbon-filled AM materials, and use of 3D printing to make an airless bicycle tire.

Elsewhere in the blog, PT injection molding expert contributor (and Molding 2019 speaker), Robert Gattshall talked speed of injection fill (and zombies) in a Halloween themed post back in October, while PT Editorial Director Jim Callari offered more free help to injection molders, directing them to the Mobile Specs app designed to help injection molders set process parameters based on the material to be run.

As to be expected, NPE was big news in 2018, and later in the year at the Fakuma show, readers were very interested in a report by Executive Editor Matt Naitove on the integration of iMFLUX low-pressure injection technology onto Milacron machinery. Rounding out the top 10 most-viewed blog posts in 2018, was a post from Lilli Sherman on the application of nanotechnology (graphite nanotubes) in PE film.

PT’s Top 10 Most-Viewed Blogs in 2018

  1. Bracing for Possible Supply Shortage of Nylon 66
  2. Potential Nylon 66 Supply Shortage?
  3. Startup Turns Recycled Plastic into 3D Printing Filament
  4. Fast or Slow: What’s Better for Injection Molding Fill Times?
  5. Carbon-Filled Thermoplastic 3D Printing Material Replaces Handmade Metal Parts
  6. Free Guidance on Molding Resins
  7. Largest Ever NPE Opens in Orlando
  8. Milacron Is First to Integrate iMFLUX into Machine Controller
  9. First PE Blown Films with Graphite Nanotubes Launched in China