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PolyOne Expands Into Thermoplastic Composites

Through acquisition of two key businesses, PolyOne positions itself for “next-generation” composites development.


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Through acquisition of two key businesses, PolyOne positions itself for “next-generation” composites development.


Just last month, my colleague senior editor Heather Caliendo reported on how PolyOne, is part of a consortium of corporations which includes three processors that make up the Composite and Nanocomposite Advanced Manufacturing (CNAM) Center at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology in Rapid City.


Heather quoted Joe Golba, lead scientist, reactive extrusion at PolyOne, who told her, “What is compelling about CNAM is the overall intent to bring composites more into the mainstream for applications like transportation, infrastructure and energy.”


So, it was not entirely surprising to hear this week that PolyOne has acquired two key Colorado-based specialty businesses from Gordon Holdings—Gordon Composites of Montrose, and Polystrand of Engelwood, which design and produce innovative, lightweight, high-performance solutions, utilizing advanced composite technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities. Here is what this important move does:


• It strengthens PolyOne’s existing portfolio of thermoset composites, with the acquisition of Gordon Composites, which develop high-strength profiles and laminates for use in vertical and crossbow archery, sports and recreation equipment, prosthetics, and office furniture systems.


•  The acquisition of Polystrand, which has been a pioneer of continuous thermoplastic composite technology that delivers the high strength and lightweight characteristics of composites along with the design flexibility to form more complex shapes, places PolyOne at the vanguard of this next-generation technology. Current applications include materials for the aerospace, transportation, outdoor and security and protection markets.


• The acquisition, which totaled $85.5 million and comprised all assets related to the businesses, including intellectual property, trademarks and production assets, will join PolyOne’s existing portfolio of complementary products in a comprehensive platform which will form the new PolyOne Advanced Composites group.


Back in 2012, PolyOne entered into a cooperation and supply agreement with Italy’s Xenia Srl Unipersonale, a specialist in development and production of high-end polymer solutions reinforced with carbon fibers.


Their agreement offers customers support to transition from metal or thermoset resins to thermoplastic composites in high-end applications. Both PolyOne, with its OnForce long-fiber reinforced materials, and Xenia, with its Xecarb carbon fiber reinforced materials, have had substantial experience helping customers make such transitions.


For more on PolyOne’s broad range of compounds and additive concentrates, see PT’s materials and additives databases.

Photo courtesy: CompositesWorld