Prevent Expensive Plant Power Failure with Continuous Monitoring

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Undetected plant power issues cost plastics processors $9.6 billion a year in preventable equipment failure, downtime and energy costs. Continuous monitoring of your plant’s power grid can identify problems before the damage is done. (Sponsored Content)

According to the Electric Power Research Institute, power quality problems cost U.S. manufacturers up to $188 billion a year—$9.6 billion in the plastics industry alone—with 80 percent of those problems created by manufacturers’ own internal power systems.

These are problems that give you clear warning signals you might miss if you’re not monitoring your plant’s power quality effectively. Power failures aside, inefficient power quality is taking a toll on your motors, transformers and other components, and it drives the energy bills higher and higher.

MachineSense Power analyzer offers an inexpensive alternative to expensive diagnostic equipment and technicians to help you identify the problems before the damage is done…READ MORE.