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10/11/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Put Your Best Part Forward

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Have you recently taken on a part they said (and you thought) couldn’t be molded? If yes, it’s time to brag.

Challenging parts have long been used as a calling card for injection molders, whether they’re displayed in the company’s lobby or brought to trade shows. A catalog of equipment, list of certifications or pictures of a plant floor don’t really show what a molder is capable of—actual molded parts, however, are those certifications and machinery made real.

Plastics Technology and its annual all-things-injection conference, Molding, are now offering molders a higher profile venue to show off those parts—and their own capabilities—the Hot Shots part competition.

Next March, when Molding 2020 convenes for the 30th time outside Chicago in Lombard, Ill. (March 17-19), attendees can check out (and vote on) the very best parts on display. Judging will be based on:

Technical Sophistication

  • Use of new technology in materials, tooling, or molding
  • Overcoming challenges in molding—difficult material, complexity of part/tool design, and/or very tight tolerances.

Achievement in Molding Efficiency/Economics

  • Parts consolidation
  • Thin-walling
  • Overall part-weight reduction
  • Reduction/elimination of secondary operations
  • Savings in machine or tool cost
  • Improved quality/reduced rejects
  • Increased productivity/reduced cycle time
  • Use of recycled materials​

In addition to promotion before the conference and recognition at the event, finalists and winners will also be covered in the pages (print and digital) of Plastics Technology magazine. Show the world what your shop can do and submit a part today.


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