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Quoting a Job: the Good, the Bad, the Nonsensical

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Quotable quotes: What are your craziest job-quoting stories?

On the short list of regular tasks that are difficult for processors, I’d guess quoting a job has to be up there pretty high. In a perfect world, the ideal design calls for the ideal material and the ideal process. Trials result in perfect product and the job seamlessly shifts into all-out production with zero scrap.


Reality, as I overheard it at last week’s agglomerated trade shows in Anaheim, is something quite different. As I ate lunch, the gentleman next to me tried to walk through a prospective job, repeating the potential client’s requests, which included a series of somewhat puzzling choices.


The part in question could be polyethylene or polycarbonate; machined or molded; with a preferred initial run of 100 pieces.


Not sure how that’s going to work out for either party. How about at your shop? What are some of the crazier/nonsensical quote requests you’ve gotten? What works in quoting, what doesn’t? I’d love to hear you stories, drop me a line or type them into the comments below. Maybe we can make quoting easier for everyone.