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If a picture is worth 1000 words, how much is a video worth?


One of the favorite aspects of my job also presents one of the biggest challenges. I’m often lucky enough to see the latest plastics processing technology first hand—at shows, in our readers’ plants, etc.—and in the past, my task was to sum up some pretty complicated manufacturing processes using only static pictures and words. I worked to do so in a manner that at the very least made sense and on good days hopefully engaged readers.


At Plastics Technology, my colleagues and I still face the challenge of sharing with our readers what we see and hear, but in addition to pictures and words, we have a new storytelling tool: video. Our efforts here are just beginning, but more and more, you can expect to not only read Plastics Technology but watch it too.


As we begin this process, we have set up YouTube channel that you can subscribe to and be alerted whenever we post a new video. This week, two videos were added by my colleague Heather Caliendo who was on hand to film the landing of the Solar Impulse 2 plane in Arizona and chat with one of the pilots about the role plastics play in the revolutionary plane. If you couldn’t make it to Phoenix Goodyear Airport on the evening of May 2, Heather has you covered.


In addition to our own videos, we can use the channel to share relative useful content from the industry (an example being this taped breakdown of Guill Tools’ Bullet II die). If you have video you think would be of interest, send it our way. Also be sure to check out our sister publication, Plastics Technology México’s channel, as well as fellow Gardner Business Media Sites CompositesWorld, MoldMaking Technology, and Modern Machine Shop.

Thanks and make sure to tune in to Plastics Technology today!