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Reflection is Key to PolyOne's Color Inspiration 2021+ Color Trends Forecast

Four dynamic color palettes forecasted by PolyOne, each tied to ‘reflection’ on our lifestyle, environment and choices.
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Take a look at the recently unveiled color collection for 2021 and beyond based on forecasts of global trends from PolyOne. Constituting the company’s eighth annual trend forecast, Color Inspiration 2021+ delivers four carefully considered palettes that reflect evolving global shifts and human fascinations.

As with previous forecasts, the new forecast was created together with global megatrends and color research experts to bring fresh, relevant and intriguing color collections for a world that shifts at what often seems the speed of light, according to the company.

Perhaps not entirely surprising, the four new dynamic palettes represent mindsets that draw from health and well-being, sustainable living, inspired playfulness, and a theatrical spirit. They each offer an opportunity for ‘Reflection’ – on our lifestyles, our environments and our ultimate choices.

Restore: Regardless of age or gender, we strive for new ways to feel, look and live fuller, more enjoyable lives. This palette features gender-neutral, tonal pastels that foster a calming effect and a clean, hygienic feel. From bamboo to ceramic bisque to fabric, materials are being used to soothe the senses and soften our surroundings.

Rethink: With a world growing more populous, prosperous and urbanized, consumers are looking for ways to reduce waste and extend resources. In this palette, warm and tinted neutrals meet muted, natural-looking color tones, lending a sophisticated, reassuring quality to eco-focused spaces.

Real Reality: As a growing number of consumers begin to opt out of technology, human interaction rises on the priority list. Creating impact is key for this color palette, which seeks to capture attention for the physical, emotional, and social aspects of life. Bold colors bridge the gap between natural and digital shades.

Re>enaissance: We are seeing art, science and philosophy come together, in a way that evokes a celebration of the theatrical. The Re>enaissance palette uses unexpected combinations to push the boundaries of neoclassical design with acidic accents and near-neon touches.