Resolve to Improve Your Plant’s Operations in 2021

The New Year brings new resolutions for many, and it’s well known that resolutions tracked and measured with metrics are ones more likely to be kept.


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As the calendar turns over and people and businesses alike get a clean slate, many use the fresh start to push for self improvement. Maybe you want to read more books in 2021, or maybe you’d like your plant cut downtime and scrap and boost productivity and on-time delivery.

The key to achieving these improvements is to make a clearly defined (and attainable) goal, and then work backwards to track the metrics that would let you reach that goal. Plastics Technology can’t help you learn another language—well, I suppose you could learn some Spanish from our sister publication Plastics Technology México—but when it comes to benchmarking productivity goals at your injection molding plant, we can definitely help you stick to those resolutions.

The Plastics Technology’s Top Shops benchmarking survey is once again open. Molders have until March 1 to fill out the questionnaire and take a deep, introspective dive into their performance metrics, technology use, business strategies and HR practices. Every participant that completes the survey will receive a custom report showing the plant’s respective strengths to maintain and opportunities to improve, as well as a ranking against the survey’s other anonymous participants.

Make 2021 the year your resolutions—for yourself and your molding facility—stick and see just how much you’ve improved via the Top Shops benchmarking survey.

Plastics Technology Top Shops 2021

Plastics Technology Top Shops 2021 benchmarking survey is now open—you have until March, 1 to participate and receive a free, customized report for your efforts.