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Robot & Cobot Makers Are Pairing Up

Sepro adds its Visual controls to UR collaborative robots.


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An unmistakable sign that collaborative robots (“cobots”) are taking hold in plastics processing is growing evidence of conventional robot suppliers concluding that cobots are becoming important, perhaps essential, additions to their product lines.

 •  At NPE2018, Yushin America, a major supplier of Cartesian robots, introduced the OB-7 cobot as its latest offering, through an alliance with the cobot’s maker, Productive Robotics of California.

 •  Hahn Plastics Automation, a new U.S. branch of the German Hahn Group, purchased the intellectual property for the Sawyer cobot originally developed by Rethink Robotics (now defunct). As reported in March, Hahn plans to upgrade and expand the Sawyer line. Hahn also produces Cartesian robots and turnkey automation systems.

 •  Most recently, Sepro Group of France announced a partnership with leading cobot maker Universal Robots of Denmark. This means that Sepro will integrate its Visual control system with UR cobots sold by Sepro as part of an automation system. The Visual control platform was developed by Sepro especially for robots used with injection molding machines, and is used with Sepro’s own Cartesian robots and co-branded articulated robots from Staubli and Yaskawa Motoman. Sepro says the Visual control will now ensure seamless integration of the UR cobots with other Sepro robots and the molding machine. What’s more, Sepro will now provide global service for automation systems including robots from Sepro and UR, using Sepro’s 42 service centers around the world. Sepro will show off its new cobot solutions at the K 2019 show in Düsseldorf this October.