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Resins and additives. They are the ties that bind all plastics processors. Regardless of whether you are injection molding gears, blow molding ducts, or extruding film, you need your hoppers filled with material.


Often, because of either price, processing issues, or new requirements from customers, you might need to tinker with your formulation or find something altogether new. With a new feature on our website, we’re trying to making your search for the right resin and additive as simple as possible.


A partnership between Cincinnati-based Gardner Business Media, the parent company of Plastics Technology, and SpecialChem, a French business-to-business digital marketing company focused on chemicals and materials, has enabled visitors of this website to access  SpecialChem’s Universal Selectors—online databases of both resins and additives. These new databases can be searched right now. Once you get to our home page, look for the word Materials on the top navigation bar, third from the left. Scroll over Materials and you’ll see a dropdown menu allowing you to select between the Resins and the Additives databases.


“Our Universal Selectors aim at making product selection faster by giving engineers and formulators the technical data they need on all the resins and polymer additives in the world,” says Christophe Cabarry, SpecialChem’s founder and CEO. “We are very excited by this partnership with Plastics Technology, as we share the same mission to bring quality technical knowledge to engineers in the world of plastics. Together, we will further extend the reach of the Universal Selectors for the benefits of the entire industry around the world.”


When you click on Resins, you’ll have a myriad of selections that allows you to narrow your search further. You can select by supplier name, resin family, features, properties, and your specific process or conversion method. You can even search the database by keyword; and the Resin landing page has one-click access to recently released products.


You’ll have similar flexibility when searching on the Additives Database. You can search by keyword, supplier name, additive category, and colorant form, and even hone in further by selecting on recommended applications for a particular additive.


All told, users will have access to more than 125,000 datasheets. And you can even do complex searches with more than 10 search dimensions—by quantitative properties or qualitative factors—for more detailed product selection.


So log on and search.