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Seminar Breaks Down Do’s and Don’ts of DOEs for Injection Molding

Do you consider Design of Experiments (DOE) an integral part of process development or a time—and therefore—money wasting exercise in part measurement?


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Whether you’re a DOE devotee, agnostic or skeptic, you should consider signing up for a special DOE workshop held in advance of next month’s Molding 2018 Conference and Exhibit on Monday Feb. 26. Presented by Suhas Kulkarni, the founder and president of injection molding consultancy Fimmtech, Carlsbad, Calif., and hosted at Comar LLC’s Garden Grove, Calif. facility (acquired from ProPlas Technologies in June of 2017), the four-hour workshop will walk participants through the DOE technique and offer simple steps on how to perform DOEs in injection molding. A well-designed and executed DOE should be a key component of your process development, find out how and why at this special event.

Topics to be Covered in the Workshop Include:

  • The Molding Process and the 11+2 molding parameters
  • What is Design of Experiments?
  • Applying DOEs to Injection Molding
  • Selection of Factors
  • Analysis of Results

Bus transportation to the workshop will be provided from Molding 2018’s venue—the Hilton Long Beach—to Comar’s molding operation Garden Grove. Register today if you are interested as limited space is available.

At Fimmtech, which is an injection molding service-oriented company focusing on Scientific Molding, Kulkarni has developed several custom tools that help molders develop robust processes (he is also author of the Hanser-published Robust Process Development and Scientific Molding). Fimmtech and Kulkarni have offered numerous seminars which have trained hundreds of individuals, and he has also authored multiple articles for Plastics Technology.