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Servo Valve-Gate Helps Auto Parts Weigh Less & Look Great

More uniform and lower pressure makes a thinner, better part.


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At the recent grand opening of HRSflow North America in Byron Center, Mich. (see Starting Up), the newest manufacturing location of Italian hot-runner systems maker, the emphasis was on molding larger automotive appearance parts such as lighting, instrument and door panels, fascias, fenders, and spoilers. The company showcased its FLEXflow servo-driven valve-gate system, which offers eight steps of freely programmable valve-pin position, speed, and acceleration. The results are said to be improved cosmetic appearance, elimination of flow “hesitation” lines while permitting reduced clamp force, part weight, and warpage. During the opening event, mineral-filled TPO rear spoilers were molded on the plant’s 1000-ton injection press (used for mold trials) with and without FLEXflow valve-pin control. Results in the accompanying table show the ability to use 20% lower clamp force while achieving 4.5% to 7.3% weight reduction.