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Show Us Your Worst Hot-Runner Leaks!

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This leak was detected early with automated controls, to be discussed in an upcoming article. Help show what happens if leaks get out of hand.

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They can be even worse than the one pictured here. Detecting and stopping a leak when it is at this early stage is one of the points in an upcoming Troubleshooting article, authored by Gammaflux, on how to cure common hot-runner headaches, including how to prevent small leaks from becoming an expensive mess.


To dramatize the importance of early leak detection and intervention, we invite injection molding readers to submit photos of nasty hot-runner leaks to accompany this article. We know you have the leaks and are betting some of you couldn’t resist documenting them. Send your photos to me, Executive Editor Matt Naitove at mnaitove@ptonline.com by Aug. 15. Thanks!


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