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5/2/2018 | 2 MINUTE READ

Stuff You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

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Here’s a look at what Plastics Technology is giving away at NPE2018 and how you can get your very own PT gear. 

Each time we prepare for an event, we are reminded of Steve Carrell’s “The Office” character, Michael Scott, standing on a tradeshow floor holding a foam finger, covered in lanyards, carrying several branded bags yelling “SWAG! Stuff We All Get.”
While Scott is talking about booth giveaways, as NPE2018 – The Plastics Show nears, we are reminded that the power of the tradeshow, is that there is “stuff we all get” on the show floor, that we can’t get anywhere else.
For months, Plastics Technology has been covering the stuff that you will see at NPE2018 that you won’t see anywhere else. New products, new processes, technical sessions, networking opportunities and much, much more. There is so much coverage that there’s a content zone dedicated to NPE2018 on PTONLINE.COM.

But, with this message, we want to introduce the stuff that we will be doing in our booth at NPE2018. For organization’s sake, let’s group things into two categories – stuff we want to get and stuff we want to give.

Stuff we want to get? People make plastics great. So, we want to feature the people of plastics. We’re asking you, the plastics professional, to share a little about you.

  • Show your face by sharing a picture of you or your team at or preparing for NPE2018.
  • Tell your story by sending us a video telling us about you or about a story you think we should tell.
  • Got a problem? We want to hear about. Lastly, we want to know how plastics professionals identify with the plastics industry in one word.

How to Enter? These days, there are so many ways to share information and we’re prepared for all of them. Share your photo or video online at www.ptonline.com/network or in person at W-2513, West Hall. If you’re a mobile or social sharer, you can text your photo or video to 513-780-5590 or share socially (@plastechmag / #PTProblemSolver / #PlasticsOneWord).

Stuff we want to give? We’ve got some different types of stuff (some of which we don’t think you’ll see anywhere else at NPE2018).

  • We’re talking about problems. So, we have the most iconic of puzzles – the Rubik’s cube – with a PT twist.
  • It gets sunny in Orlando, so we are giving away some new Plastics Technology hats.
  • Events can be taxing so we’ll have refreshments in our booth to help you refresh and recharge.
  • We have some prizes and some surprises. We will be giving away one prize for each day of the show. Prizes include a drone, a voice assistant speaker, a video camera and a yeti cooler. As for the surprises, you will have to visit the booth to find out.

NPE2018 – The Plastics Show is just days away. The show, in more ways than one, is sure to be filled with SWAG – stuff we all get (that we can’t get anywhere else) and “swag” - the cool and the confidence of an industry showing up to connect and to celebrate and to evolve. So, as you prepare to benefit from all the stuff taking place at NPE2018, please make plans to benefit from the knowledge, the news and the giveaways that PT will have on display. PTONLINE.COM/NETWORK / #PTProblemSolver / #PlasticsOneWord



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