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The Extrusion 2019 Conference: Presenting Solutions in Compounding

Take a look at what you will learn in the compounding sessions of the industry leading technical conference devoted to extrusion.


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The Extrusion 2019 Conference will take place Sept. 17-19 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill., less than a month away. It is the only conference of its type: sessions devoted to general extrusion—issues that pertain to all extrusion processors regardless of what comes out of their die—coupled with breakout sessions on specific kinds of of extrusion: Film, Sheet, Pipe/Profile/Tubing and Compounding.

In a previous blog I have told you about our sessions devoted to General Extrusion Topics. I define these as topics that apply across the board in extrusion, regardless of the finished or semi-finished product that you are extruding. In another blog I wrote about the topics that will be covered in the Film breakout session. Then I honed in our Sheet program. Then on Pipe/Profile/Tubing.

Extrusion 2019 Conference

Now let’s focus on our compounding tracks. Here’s a look at what’s on the agenda:

  • Managing Melt Temperature in a Twin-Screw Extruder
  • It’s Science, Not Art: Analysis Tools to Improve Your Compounding Results
  • Water Bath Length Determination: A Theoretical Approach
  • The Extruder as a Polymerization Reactor for Organometallic Catalyzing and Compatibilizing Recycled Polymers to Achieve Sustainability Goals
  • Improving Process Control of Pelletizing Operations via Advanced Control Platforms
  • Compounding of TPE and TPV on the Corotating Intermeshing Twin-Screw
  • The Three Ms of Delivering Powders to Compounding Extruders
  • Benefits and Challenges of Entering Twin-Screw Extrusion
  • How Robust is your Feeding Technology?
  • Key Considerations to Ensure Reliable and Even Smarter Performance
  • Precision Compounding for 3D Filament
  • Effective Compounding Transitions
  • The Compounding Extruder of the Future
  • The Advantages of Processing PLA Using the Farrel Continuous Mixer
  • Twin Screw Extruder for a Wide Variety of New Processes

Click here for registration and pricing information.

Click here to download the agenda in a PDF.

Like all of our previous events, you’ll have plenty of time to network and exchange ideas with the 80+ exhibitors who will be at the event displaying their wares and know-how.

Our conference has grown by every measurable standard since it was launched in 2015. Why? Because it provides attendees with a first-of-its-kind opportunity. The photos and video that appear on the conference website were taken at last year’s Conference, which was held in Cleveland. Ask yourself: What did these attendees learn at this event that they put into practice to make their operations more competitive.

The Extrusion 2019 Conference. Where the Industry Comes to Learn. The Extrusion Solution Institution. I hope to see you there. Can you afford not to learn?