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7/15/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

The Extrusion 2019 Conference: Where the Industry Comes to Learn

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Learn about best practices in extrusion processing. Learn about new developments in film, sheet, compounding and pipe/profile/tubing. 


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So why have processors registered to attend the Plastics Technology Extrusion Conference in increasing numbers every year since the event was launched in 2015?

Two words: To LearnSince we started the Extrusion Conference in 2015 in Charlotte, N.C., attendance has climbed every year. Last year’s event drew a total of 573 people; more than 320 of those were extrusion processors (the rest were speakers and exhibitors) who paid hard-earned money to listen to presentations by the industry’s thought leaders so that they could learn—there’s that word again—how to run their operation more effectively.

Not surprisingly, the success of our program has spawned some similar events. No harm in that; imitation is, after all, the sincerest form of flattery, and competition tends to bring out the best in everyone and is, quite frankly, good for the industry.

But here’s the thing: The Plastics Technology Extrusion Conference was, is and always will be the place the industry comes to learn…about best practices in resin drying, optimizing your conveying options, troubleshooting part defects, the importance of rheology, new developments in resin technology, and so much more.

This chart shows how attendance at Plastics Technology’s Extrusion Conference has climbed every year since it was launched. The top arrow shows overall attendance; the bottom reflects the number of exhibitors.

This year’s event will take place Sept. 17-19 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill. The agenda is all set; once again we’ll have a program packed with extrusion’s illuminati. Once more we’ll have three morning sessions devoted to “general” extrusion topics—issues like screw design, material handling, purging, coloring, size reduction, and more—that are germane to your operation regardless of what is formed in your die. And we’ll have four concurrent sessions on two afternoons that drill down to more specific kinds of extrusion: Film, Sheet, Pipe/Profile/Tubing and Compounding.

Click here to download the agenda in a PDF.

If you act before August 16, you’ll be able to tap into our early bird discount rate, a $150 savings. Click here for registration and pricing information.

And like all of our previous events, you’ll have plenty of time to network and exchange ideas with the 80+ exhibitors who will be at the event displaying their wares and know-how.

Join us at The Extrusion 2019 Conference. Where the Industry Comes to Learn.