Heating & Cooling | 2 MINUTE READ

The Primary Importance of Secondary Equipment

Resin drying, resin conveying and process heating and cooling are as vital to the injection molding process as the press and tool, and they get their due at Molding 2017.


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An entire track and multiple speakers from industry leading suppliers like ACS Group, Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc., Conair, Dri-Air Industries, Inc., Engel Machinery, Inc.MORETTO USA LLC, Novatec, Inc., Piovan, RocTool Inc. and Wittmann Battenfeld, Inc. will address the newest innovations in auxiliary equipment, as well as the best practices for deploying today’s technologies at the Molding 2017 Conference and Exhibit (April 4-6; Charlotte; pictured above: Engel's e-flomo water manifold).

Medical Molding and Industry 4.0
Two presentations will delve into hot topics for molders, namely how to set up a medical molding operation, including auxiliaries, that will comply with certification standards, and a look at how Industry 4.0 is already impacting secondary equipment.

Matt Zelkovich, The Conair Group
Getting to Compliance: Setting Up A Medical Plastics Molding Operation 

Giorgio Santella, Piovan
Industry 4.0: Process Control and Production Output Optimization

Drying Focus
Multiple presenters will address drying and the injection molding process, including when to buy a new dryer, taking moisture out of difficult-to-dry resins and a new technology to measure moisture inline.

Mark Haynie, Novatec
Drying Difficult Resins for Molding

Charlie Sears, Dri-Air Industries
Five Reasons to Buy a New Dryer

Gene Flockerzi, Moretto
Measure Moisture in Your Pellets in Real Time

Materials on the Move
Multiple speakers will address what is often the first step in molding: delivering material safely and efficiently to the machine.

Jim Zinski, Novatec
Getting the Best Performance from Your Resin Conveying System

Doug Brewster, The Conair Group
Variable-Speed Vacuum Conveying System Prevents Resin & Equipment Damage

Temperature Control: A Hot Topic
At one time a neglected or even forgotten cog in the molding process, heating/cooling technology is an area of emphasis at Molding 2017. Presentations look at the newest closed loop technologies to automatically control temperatures, as well as best practices to optimize today’s systems, including applying Scientific Cooling principles. The conference wraps up with an optional free tour (register now, space is limited!) of Rapid Heat Rapid Cool technology supplier RocTool.

Mark Brown, Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc.
Scientific Cooling of Your Process

John Haddad, Wittmann Battenfeld
Integrated, Traceable, Automatic Flow Control for Your Tooling & Process

John Olson, ACS Group
Optimizing Mold-Temperature Control for Higher Quality

Joachim Kragl, Engel
New Approach to Optimizing Mold Cooling: iQ Flow Control

RocTool Charlotte Technology Center Tour
RocTool’s patented Rapid Heat Rapid Cool technology is adaptable to tooling for plastics and composites. This technology is available in multiple configurations to fit various manufacturing requirements. This technology has advantages in increasing flow length and part-surface definition, and reducing sinks, weld lines, and gate blush. RocTool Inc. has a U.S. location in Charlotte, NC with both injection and compression capabilities. At the conclusion of the Molding 2017 event, RocTool is offering an open house for 50 visitors. Included in this free tour will be transportation from the conference hotel and back, box lunch, and a guided tour with a LIVE demonstration on the technology. Come and learn more about RocTool and “High-Definition Plastics.”