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The Top 10 Most-Viewed Plastics Technology Articles of 2018

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Sinks, flash, gels, weld lines—many of the most-viewed articles at PTOnline.com in 2018 offered processors advice on how to deal with some of plastics most nettlesome problems.

“Why”, “how” and “what” feature prominently in the most-viewed Plastics Technology articles of 2018. Extrusion, injection molding, blow molding and welding are all featured, with material articles focused on conductive plastics and thermoplastic polyesters, as well as tips on addressing sinks, flash, gels, and weld lines.

Top 10 Most-Viewed Articles on PTOnline.com in 2018

  1. Plastics That Conduct Heat
  2. Why (and What) You Need to Dry
  3. How to Solve Common Ultrasonic Welding Problems
  4. Solving Four Common Problems in PET Stretch-Blow Molding
  5. How to Reduce Sinks
  6. How to Stop Flash
  7. What's Causing Your Gels?
  8. Thermoplastic Polyesters: It's Time to Know Them Better
  9. Extrusion Troubleshooter
  10. What to Do About Weak Weld Lines