Injection Molding | 1 MINUTE READ

Time Is Running Out to See How Your Injection Molding Operations Stack Up

Your molding peers have answered the call, and they’ll be able to see how their operations compare to competitors in a customized report—will you?


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Plastics Technology will be closing its Tops Shops survey of injection molding operations on April 30 so your chance to see how your performance in key molding metrics compares to your peers will soon be gone.

You still have time to complete the survey and once you do, you will be included among the molders who will receive a customized report show how your performance in key performance indicators for an injection molding operations compare with other participating molders.

We’ve already had a strong response to the survey, creating a large data pool from which to draw comparisons, but the more companies we can get to participate the greater the insights to be gleaned for you and your operation. The survey responses are 100 percent anonymous.

In addition to the customized report, top-performing participants—if they are interested—will be featured in an article highlighting the 2019’s Top Shops in Plastics Technology. If you think your operations are tip top, you could be highlighted online and in print in Plastics Technology spreading word of your processing prowess to potential partners and customers, alike.

Don’t waste any more time, take the survey today!