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1/1/2014 | 2 MINUTE READ

Top 10 Extrusion Items in 2013

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Here's a quick rundown of things that caught my eye--and likely the attention of extrusion processors, in 2013.


Reifenhauser is a global powerhouse in providing screws and barrels, a segment that has consolidated in North America over the last decade due mostly to mergers and consolidations.


  • PP Cup Billed as Foam Alternative

Berry Plastics Group, Inc. Evansville, Ind., introduces a new type of hot-beverage cup that reportedly offers performance and environmental advantages over foamed PS containers. Called Versalite, the cup is PP-based and is produced by a proprietary process in which a cellular structure is created the during sheet extrusion process using atmospheric gas.


The two companies--the former a supplier of feeding/dosing and conveying technology, the latter of twin-screw compounding extruders, pelletizers, etc.,--actually came together under one umbrella in late 2012. But in late 2013 announced they'd operate under the brand name Coperion K-Tron.


Last year Kreyenborg, which makes screen changers and gear pumps, and sister company BKG Bruckmann, which makes pelletizers, were acquired by Nordson. The year before Nordson bought Xaloy and Extrusion Dies Inc.


Blow molding machinery supplier Graham Engineering Corp. (GEC) has made yet another acquisition in extrusion, last year buying Welex Inc., an iconic nameplate in sheet systems. In 2012, Graham acquired American Kuhne, Ashaway, R.I., which supplies feedscrews, extruders, and complete lines for medical tubing, pipe, and profiles.


Back in 2010 we reported that injection molder Tech II added thermoforming capacity, and in so doing became the first North American processor to offer IML thermoformed cups/containers.Well, last year they added sheet extrusion to the mix.


Kudos to colleague Lilli Manolis Sherman for reporting that EcoPaxx nylon 410 from Royal DSM of the Netherlands (U.S. office in Evansville, Ind.) was introduced by DSM’s German development partner, MF-Folien, a leading expert in nylon film production.


A properly designed high-speed, single-screw extruder (HSSSE) can significantly boost the processing capability of a small-diameter  machine for a wide range of applications. That was the conclusion of a study conducted by Davis-Standard LLC. Such extruders are far more prominent in Europe.


eco Plastic R from Plantic is PET sheet made of post consumer material that is laminated to the company's proprietary barrier  film  made from up to 60% renewable materials. 


Three years in the works and unveield at K 2013, Windmoeller & Hoelscher's Varex II linefeatures a sleek, completely enclosed design that several onlookers thought looked more like an Apple product than typical industrial equipment.