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Trends and News Discussed at Silicone and TPE Elastomers Conference

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Smithers Rapra’s first U.S. summit included new LSR and TPE materials.


I recently attended the concurrent Silicone Elastomers and Thermoplastic Elastomers Summit organized by the U.K.’s Smithers Rapra. This was the first time in five years for this dual conference, which was held in Philadelphia. Trends and some new product discussions were among the highlights, including:

  • Elmet, which has a new system for adding colorants and additives to LSRs that reportedly lifts dosing precision to a new level
  • Arlanxeo has a new EPDM for TPV production
  • DSM, showed that its new Arnitel C & HT PBT-based copolyester TPEs lead in high-temperature automotive TPE applications, and it showed new hot charge ducts in turbo systems that have major mass reduction for vacuum brake tubing vs. rubber hoses
  • PolyOne unveiled a new low-VOC, low-fogging TPE for auto interiors
  • SigmaSoft announced that it will be showcasing virtual molding for LSR at NPE 2018. 


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