Post-Industrial Recycling | 1 MINUTE READ

The Journey of Beach Plastics into New Shampoo Bottles

In a web exclusive report and video, Plastics Technology went directly to a source of P&G’s newest sustainable package: a San Diego beach.


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A scourge to the environment and a public relations crisis for the plastics industry, the ongoing problem of plastic debris on beaches is one for which all parties are resolutely seeking a solution.

Plastics Technology’s Heather Caliendo interviewed representatives of brandowner colossus Procter & Gamble, leaders at innovative recycler TerraCycle and members of a beach clean-up organization in San Diego to report on how P&G’s newest shampoo bottle, which will be partially composed of resin reclaimed from beaches, marks both a small and a large step on the path towards a solution. Small in that the resin reclaimed will not completely clear the beaches but big in its impact on public and industry awareness of the issue.

Heather was also on hand for a beach clean up event to talk to the individuals gathering the eventual resin for the bottles and record what’s washing up on Southern California’s shores.

Read the story here and watch the video (at the prior link) and below:

Web Exclusive: Beach Plastic