Injection Molding | 1 MINUTE READ

You Know Your Plant’s Productivity; How About Your Competitors?

You know if your numbers are up or down in relation to your plant, but how do they stack up against your competition?


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Most injection molders can quickly assess their productivity and efficiency in hard numbers they continuously collect. In a couple clicks, they can reliably ascertain just how good they are at turning pellets into parts and selling machine time to their customers at any given time.

What they can’t know is how good they are compared to the molder down the street or across the country—until now. Plastics Technology is launching its Top Shops Program for injection molding—a comprehensive survey that upon completion will include a special, customized report for your plant that lets you see how you stack up across multiple metrics to other injection molding facilities. All survey data collected are kept 100 percent confidential.

In addition, top performers among the survey respondents can participate in an awards program that includes profiles of winners in upcoming issues of Plastics Technology for companies that choose to be highlighted.

If you’ve already received the survey, take a few minutes to complete it today. If you have not received the survey, you can complete it here. Take this chance to see how the key metrics you track—machine utilization, on-time delivery, scrap rate, mold-change time and more—compare to the molders you compete with for business.