Check Out the New PTonline.com

We’ve moved to a ‘responsive design’ platform and are adding more videos and other features to help enrich your experience on our website.


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If you’ve checked out our website lately, perhaps you’ve noticed a few things. For one thing, we freshened up the design in an effort to make our content easier to access and read. For another, and perhaps more importantly, our site has been rejiggered to accommodate the skyrocketing use of smart phones and tablets to surf the net, a trend we have noticed on our site as well as the sites of our sister publications in Gardner Business Media.

We did this with an approach called “responsive design,” which allows desktop web pages to be displayed differently in response to the size of the screen one is using. In other words, the web page is automatically resized to account for whether the visitor is viewing it on a desktop, smart phone, or tablet.

Dig a bit deeper on PTonline.com and you might spot a few other things. In blogs, reports from events, product news, technology close-ups, features, and more, we are aiming to make more use of videos to get the reader more “up-close and personal” to what we are reporting. We’re moving in this direction for a simple reason:

Our web stats strongly suggest that articles accompanied by a video presentation go over very well with you. Taking this an additional step, we’ve fired up our own YouTube channel: Go to short.ptonline.com/yfZBD0uY and check it out.

Beginning with this issue, we’ve added a half-page of editorial content (see p. 2) to help you navigate to some of the things we have to offer in the digital world ... not just on our website but on our various social media outlets as well. At Plastics Technology, our objective is to be your go-to source of content in whatever manner you choose to consume it: in print, on-line, and in person.

On the latter, last month we wrapped up the most successful injection molding conference in the 27-year history of the event: Molding 2017 was held in Charlotte, N.C. and attracted nearly 300 attendees. And coming up later this year is our third annual conference for all things extrusion. Save the date for that one: Oct. 18-20, also in Charlotte. Learn more about that event on p. 35.