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11/1/2016 | 2 MINUTE READ

Extrusion 2016 Conference: Wait No More

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K 2016 is behind you, so it’s time to focus on the next big event for extrusion processing.

Now that everyone who attended K 2016 has presumably had their fill of brats and beer, how does pipe and profile sound? 

Probably not as appealing to your taste buds, but to your hunger for more information on extrusion processing ... that’s a different story. 

I’m referring to Plastics Technology’s Extrusion 2016 Conference. It’s going be held in just a few weeks: Dec. 6-8 in Charlotte, N.C. at the Sheraton-Le Méridien. Our first extrusion conference last year pulled in more than 350 folks; this year’s event figures to be larger so we contracted for bigger digs. 

You can turn to p. 52-53 of this issue to get some sense of what this event is all about (or visit the site); but boiled down, it’s focused on all things extrusion. Over two-and-a-half days, you’ll get exposure to more than 80 different technical talks, organized as follows:

General Extrusion: Regardless of what comes out of your die and what you have to do to it downstream, there are certain technical issues that all extrusion processors are concerned about: Extruder and screw design; drying (if you happen to be running hygroscopic resins); controls; filtration; conveying; purging; trouble-shooting; reclaim; maintenance; materials; and more. These and other topics are covered in what we’re calling our General Extrusion sessions, which will be held the afternoon of Dec. 6 and the mornings of Dec. 7 and 8.

In the afternoons of Dec. 7 and 8, we’ve organized four concurrent break-out sessions as follows: 

Compounding: Topics in this breakout session include feeding, pelletizing, energy management, devolatilization, process optimization, and more. All told, 14 different presentations over two afternoons.

Film: This breakout session will cover both blown and cast. Among the topics covered include die and feedblock design, new materials, coextrusion, troubleshooting, retrofitting, new output-boosting equipment, gauge control and more. Again, 14 different presentations over two afternoons.

Pipe, Profile, Tubing: Learn more in this session about die design, process troubleshooting, screw wear, quick-change tooling, and new developments and tips for downstream. Once more, 14 different talks over two days. 

Sheet: Learn more in this session about best practices for drying PLA and PET, no-dry PET technology, foaming, heavy-gauge sheet, high-speed extrusion for thin-gauge packaging sheet, and new coextrusion techniques. There will be 13 presentations total in these two afternoon sessions. 

What’s more, on the afternoon of Dec. 7 we’ll have a luncheon presentation covering an issue all extrusion processors worry about: resin pricing. 

In addition to the technical program packed with the world’s foremost authorities on extrusion, at Plastics Technology’s Extrusion 2016 Conference you’ll be able to network with more than 50 exhibitors and sponsors in our sold-out tabletop area. 

Go to short.ptonline.com/extru2016 in your browser’s address bar to dig deeper into the agenda, and link to details on pricing, regis- tration, and the hotel (rooms are filling up fast).