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9/27/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Get in the Mood to Extrude

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Check out the program for Plastics Technology’s Extrusion 2016 Conference, Dec. 6-8 in Charlotte, N.C.

What has 80+ presenters, 50+ sponsors, and runs for two-and- a-half days? 

If you answered Plastics Technology’s Extrusion 2016 Conference, well, thanks for paying attention.

But the next step is to sign up, and registration is now open to the premier annual event devoted to all things extrusion.

Plastics Technology’s Extrusion 2016 Conference will be held Dec. 6-8 at the Sheraton-Le Méridien Charlotte in Charlotte, N.C. It’s PT’s second annual all-extrusion event. Last year’s was a barnburner, with a standing-room-only crowd of more than 350 attendees. We’re expecting a bigger turnout this year, and have responded by choosing a hotel with bigger accommodations. We’ve also expanded the program by half a day. What’s more, we moved it to December from November to take into account that many processors and suppliers will be attending the K 2016 show in Düsseldorf this month.

The Extrusion 2016 Conference kicks off the afternoon of Tuesday, Dec. 6 with a General Extrusion session. By “General Extrusion” we mean that the topics covered apply regardless of your end product. Another General Extrusion session will be held the morning of Wednesday, Dec. 7. Then after lunch, four concurrent sessions will be held on Compounding, Film, Sheet, and Pipe/Profile/Tubing. The program on Thursday, Dec. 8 is structured the same way as Wednesday.

Over the course of two-and-a-half days, you’ll be able to network with more than 80 presenters and have access to a tabletop exhibit area featuring more than 50 of the extrusion industry’s leading suppliers and experts. 

You can check out the agenda by typing short.ptonline. com/extru2016 in your browser’s address bar. You’ll be able to investigate the various topics that will be covered, as well as the speaker and his or her background. From that page, you will be able to link to details on pricing (you’re entitled to a $100 discount if you register before Nov. 2), registra- tion, and the hotel. Concerning the latter, I’d advise not to dawdle, as rooms are filling up fast.

Your time is precious. Maybe you have a plant to run. Your certainly have orders to fill, and perhaps even new products to develop. Could be you have the time and budget to attend just one technical confer- ence a year. This is the one.

So get in the mood to extrude. Join us in Charlotte. 


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