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11/24/2014 | 2 MINUTE READ

Get Ready for The Extrusion 2015 Conference

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Plastics Technology will hold the first-ever conference next November devoted to all areas of extrusion processing.

If you are involved in extrusion as either a processor or supplier, it’s not too early to mark your calendar for Nov. 2-3, 2015. That’s when Plastics Technology will host the first-ever conference devoted entirely to a broad range of extrusion topics. The Extrusion 2015 Conference will take place at in North Carolina at the Omni Charlotte Hotel.

Of course, many extrusion-related conferences have been held over the years. In fact, we at Plastics Technology have organized quite a few of them. But these have been narrowly focused—for instance, targeting film, sheet, medical tubing, compounding, or biopolymer technologies.

There is a certain logic to organizing a conference along the boundaries of a very specific extrusion process, as there are pronounced differences among them. However, there are quite a few common elements as well. The objective of The Extrusion 2015 Conference is to combine the “general” aspects of extrusion with the “specific” ones.
Here’s the plan: The morning sessions on each day of this two-day event will be devoted to technical and business issues of interest to any type of extrusion processor.

For example, there will be presentations on topics such as materials, additives, screw design, high-speed processing, energy efficiency, sustainability, filtration, blending, drying, conveying, process simulation, training, resin characterization, foaming, etc.

On each afternoon, there will be concurrent breakout sessions devoted to three specific types of extrusion processes in which your business likely falls: Film/Sheet; Pipe, Profile, Tubing; and Compounding. In these sessions, technical presentations will dig deeper into topics such as barrier film, thin-gauge sheet, multi-lumen tubing, and high-speed compounding.

The plan is for the conference to be a yearly event modeled after the Molding Conference that our parent company, Gardner Business Media, purchased last year from Executive Conference Management. (Next year will mark the Molding Conference’s 25-year anniversary.)

We recognize that you’re probably more pressed for time these days than ever. We also know you have a lot of outside events competing for that time. And on top of that, next year is an NPE year. We’ll organize The Extrusion 2015 Conference in such a way that it’ll be the only such forum you’ll need to attend next year—and beyond—if your business involves pumping hot polymer through a die to form a part, regardless whether that “part” is a film, sheet, pipe, or pellet. If you want to be updated on the lastet technological developments in extrusion, this is the event to attend.

In the months ahead, please be on the lookout in our magazine, on this website, and your own inbox for more information on this groundbreaking event. Or feel free to email me at jcallari@ptonline.com. I’m extremely excited about this event and will be more than happy to share.